60mm Handrail Clamps, Tubes and Fittings

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60mm Key Clamps

P&C Pipeline are unquestionable UK 60mm key clamp handrail suppliers, and take pride in our strong, solid 60mm handrail fittings for each customer. In case you’re searching for the 60mm key clamp handrail system uk buyers can depend upon, P&C Pipeline have a broad bunch of handrailing game plans that are sure to address your problems. We ensure that our 60mm handrail fittings are perfect for a varying scope of limits. Our clamps are made to be dependably straightforward, ensuring that we supply you with simply the best responses to meet any hand railing requirements. Uniting these with our 60mm galvanised tubes, our handrail clamps can be combined to make extreme, dynamic handrailing systems. At P&C Pipeline we stock a colossal array of 60mm handrail clamps sections for walls all the way through to double swivels and everything in between.

60mm Fittings and Brackets

We have all that you require for a strong 60mm key clamp handrail that will endure weathering, hold out against significant use and truly stand the preliminary of time. You will find every sort of 60mm handrail fixing plates you may require, to join your handrail to any strong surface. Our scope of 60mm handrail fittings and 60mm handrail fixing plates are made to an amazing quality. They are astoundingly reliable, which is the primary need with any railing endeavour. Ensuring that your handrail is tough and weatherproof is our most imperative concern while creating our handrail parts. We stock a different choice of 60mm handrail fittings, including our solid ground clamps that attach your railings to the floor to our wall brackets that ensure they remain positively added to vertical surfaces. Despite whether it is the ground, a wall, or even a ceiling, P&C Pipeline supply the 60mm handrail fittings and 60mm handrail clamps that will empower you to do the job to an extended capability.

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60mm Galvanised Tubes

We plan our 60mm galvanised tubes to be a trustworthy, straightforward section of a hand railing hardware. Our pre-made 60mm galv tube is sold in 3m-length divisions. When combined to our 60mm handrail fittings and 60mm handrail clamps, our steel tubing supplies you with the ability to construct a specialist handrail that is strong and weatherproof. 60mm handrail tubes are a central part of building a structured handrail, that is the motivation behind why at P&C Pipeline we supply you with the vital gadgets in order to take advantage of these cost sparing solutions to complete your handrail endeavour to the most astounding most important standard possible.

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