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Key clamps, Kee Clamps, Key Clamp Handrail & Scaffold Clamps

Thank you for visiting our website as a stockist of the Keyclamp handrail system.

Click on our product catalogue to view our range of key clamp and tube clamp components available to make safety handrailing, guardrails and frameworks.­

The key clamps are also known as tube clampspipe clamps and scaffold clamps. The key clamps, tube clamps, pipe clamps and scaffold clamps can be used for a variety of applications in industrial, commercial and domestic markets. The key clamps, tube clamps, pipe clamps and scaffold clamps when used with hand rail tube can be assembled to go around machinery, storage tanks, deep pits, water reservoirs, pools, shopping trolley stations, sports pitches, animal pens and at the side of roads and railway lines. Key clamp and tube clamps can be used to make racking for storing tyres, wheels, food stuffs, and many other products. Key clamp and pipe clamps with hand rail tube can be used to hang garments and retail outlets are now using them for contemporary retail garment displays.

One of the main uses of key clamp and pipe clamps are to build hand rails on steep inclines and steps. These can be seen at the sides of railway tracks, motorways and in and around our towns and cities. Key clamp hand rail size 34mm has become popular to aid the elderly to get into their homes from the garden and roadside.

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