42mm Handrail Clamps, Tubes and Fittings

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42mm Key Clamps

P&C Pipeline are prominent UK 42mm key clamp handrail suppliers, and take great delight in our delivery of reliable, strong 42mm handrail fittings for each customer. We assure that our 42mm handrail fittings are optimal for a diverse spectrum of functions. Our clamps are crafted in order to be consistently user-friendly, ensuring that we supply you with only the best solutions to meet any hand railing requirements.  Combining these with our 42mm galvanised tubes, our handrail clamps can be applied to create sturdy, dynamic handrailing systems. At P&C Pipeline we stock a huge range of 42mm handrail clamps including wall brackets right through to double swivels and everything in between. If you are in the market for the 42mm key clamp handrail system uk buyers can depend on, P&C Pipeline have a large array of handrailing solutions that are sure to meet your needs.

42mm Fittings and Brackets

Our large selection of 42mm handrail fittings and 42mm handrail fixing plates are made to an incredible quality. They are remarkably reliable, which is always the number one priority with any railing project. Ensuring that your handrail is sturdy and weatherproof is our greatest concern when manufacturing our handrail components. We stock a diverse selection of 42mm handrail fittings, including our sturdy ground sockets that secure your railings to the floor along with our wall brackets that ensure they remain firmly attached to walls. Whether it is the ground, a wall, or even a roof, P&C Pipeline supply the 42mm handrail fittings and 42mm handrail clamps that will allow you to get the job done to a high standard. We have everything you require for a reliable 42mm key clamp handrail that will resist wear and tear, hold out against heavy usage and truly stand the test of time. You will find every type of 42mm handrail fixing plates you could possibly require to be able to attach your handrail to any sturdy surface.

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42mm Galvanised Tubes

P&C Pipelines pre-manufactured 42mm galv tubing is supplied in 3m-length parts. 42mm handrail tubes are a key part of creating a well-designed handrail, that’s why at P&C Pipeline we supply you with the ideal equipment in order to take advantage of these cheap solutions to finalise your handrail project to the highest standard possible. We craft our 42mm galvanised tubes to be a customer friendly, reliable component of a hand railing scheme. When used in conjunction with our 42mm handrail fittings and 42mm handrail clamps, our steel tubing supplies you with the ability to construct a professional handrail that is strong and weatherproof.

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