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key clamp swivel

Key Clamp Swivel Range

The Q clamp or key clamp Swivel Range is constructed using the relevant male and female fittings. The 173F is common to all such combinations. The Q clamp or key clamp swivel range can be supplied in individual components or as complete units using either a rivet or nut and bolt to join the male


Our Products

A list of some of our products,   handrail clamp, handrail clamps, handrail fittings q clamp, q clamps galv handrail, metal handrail     26mm handrail, 34mm handrail, 42mm handrail, 48mm handrail, 60mm handrail   For all other pipeline enquiry’s, please visit www.pipelinecentre.co.uk    Whatever your purpose, the information provided on this website should enable

metal handrail

Metal Handrail

Our metal handrail is galvanised mild steel Tube, also known as galvanised pipe or galv tube, has been hot dip galvanised in a zinc coating which provides protection to the mild steel. The corrosion of zinc on the metal handrail is much slower in comparison to mild steel which makes it more resistant to rusting