26mm Key Clamp Handrail Clamps, Tubes and Fittings

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26mm Key Clamps

At P&C Pipeline we stock a wide range of 26mm handrail fittings. This includes 90-degree elbow clamps right through to midrail corners, and everything in between. Our 26mm handrail fittings are safe and suited to a diverse range of applications. They are manufactured to be user-friendly, ensuring we supply you with only the very best solutions to meet your railing requirements. When combined with our 26mm galvanised tubes, these handrail clamps can be applied to create stable, dynamic handrailing systems. If you’re in the market for the 26mm key clamp handrail system uk buyers can rely on, we have a comprehensive assortment of solutions that are sure to meet your needs. Please feel free to browse all that we have on offer – we are leading UK 26mm key clamp handrail suppliers, and take great pride in our provision of quality, reliable products for every single customer.

26mm Fittings and Brackets

Our selection of 26mm handrail fittings and 26mm handrail fixing plates are of the very highest standard available. They are supremely reliable, which is always the number 1 priority with any handrailing project. We stock a wide selection of 26mm handrail fittings, including ground sockets that secure your railings to the ground and wall brackets that ensure they remain firmly attached to walls. We have everything you need for a 26mm key clamp handrail that will resist wear and tear, withstand heavy usage and truly stand the test of time. You will find every type of 26mm handrail fixing plates you could possibly require to be able to connect your handrail to any surface. Whether it is the ground, a wall, or even a roof, we have the 26mm handrail fittings and 26mm handrail clamps that will allow you to get the job done to a safe, secure standard.

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26mm Galvanised Tubes

Our ready-made 26mm galv tubing is supplied in sections of 3m-length. We design our 26mm galvanised tubes to be the most user-friendly, reliable component of a hand railing project you could hope to find. When installed in combination with our 26mm handrail fittings and 26mm handrail clamps, our steel tubing provides the freedom to design and construct a professional handrail that won’t let you down. 26mm handrail tubes are a fundamental part of constructing a handrail, so take advantage of these cost-effective solutions to complete your handrail project to the very highest standard.


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